Jesus commanded us to love one another. It's so important that he said, "the world will know you are my disciples if you love one another." One of the core functions of the church is to create an environment that fosters healthy, meaningful relationships with other people.

A primary way to do this is through small groups. Small groups just don’t magically appear:

  • You have to recruit and train leaders
  • You have to promote the available groups to your people
  • You have to help people find a group that meets at an acceptable time and place
  • Then you have to provide curriculum for leaders
  • And then you need a good system to help manage all the existing groups and help them multiply so that more and more people have a chance to connect and form deep friendships

This is the primary way to stop the revolving door that exists at most churches.

The better your church is at helping people find these significant relationships, the larger your church will grow.

If your church has a large percentage of adults that just come to weekend services but never connect with others in a smaller setting, then it is only a matter of time before they will leave the church.

You must be able to identify those who are not in a group and intentionally pursue them.   This can be done via targeted communications but also passively via your website.

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