The church’s ultimate priority is to worship God.  If we don’t do it, Jesus says, rocks will start singing!  So a key task is to help people come to worship services. 

Our church software suite helps you communicate, invite, sign up and gather people. Here's how.


In today’s culture you simply MUST have an attractive website.

Your website plays a huge role in helping people come. 

  • For newcomers it’s the first impression they have about who you are and what they can expect when they come
  • For people who come regularly your website is like a billboard that promotes upcoming events
  • For people who can’t always attend, your worship services can be broadcast online and archived

Mass Communication

Sometimes people just forget about upcoming events and they need
to be reminded.

  • Select the exact group of people you want
  • Compose and send a well designed mass email
  • Record a message and have it delivered automatically by phone
  • Send a direct mail piece
  • In each person's online portal they are reminded of upcoming events

Mobile Communication

Personal invitations take more time but are highly effective.  Call, email, text, or stop over and invite someone in person.

Event Registration

Since there are many more events than just weekend services, event registration and event management are key administrative task in many churches.  Youth ministry, children’s ministry, men’s and women’s ministry, and more, all do special events that may involve sign up, ticket sales, and special registration forms.

  • Each person can register on your website
  • People that come into your lobby they can register at attended or unattended kiosks
  • Each person can register for upcoming events in their personal online portal


Getting people to a worship service is only part of the gathering.  Once they come, you also need to help them get checked in to the right place.  Specifically, children need to be secured and accounted for.

Experience the integrated church software suite
that will help you accomplish your goals