Jesus last words on earth were "Go make disciples" and "teach everything I have commanded." Becoming a disciple of Christ is a life-long process of maturing.

Ideally it involves a daily intake of spiritual food which nourishes our soul. So the important question that every church leader must wrestle with is how are you helping people grow?

We believe every church needs a discipleship process and tools for gauging its effectiveness.

We assume that you are serving “fresh bread” in your preaching every week at worship services.  In addition there are many other ways to help people grow spiritually including:

  • Encouraging Spiritual Disciplines - Bible reading, praying, journaling, music, etc.
  • Helping people understanding their unique gifts and helping them plug into a ministry opportunity
  • Helping people get connected to a great small group
  • Helping people grow in giving
  • Teaching via – online curriculum and/or coming to key classes/seminars

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