Jesus came to serve, not be served. Giving of your time, treasure and talents is an integral part of becoming like Jesus. It’s an enormous task to cast that vision to people and help them get plugged into ministry.   

You need to be able to...

Recruit New Volunteers

Here's how:

  • Mass communications
  • Proactive intelligent marketing using your website
  • Mining your database for people with a certain profile (skill set, personality, gifts, etc.)
  • Allowing people to explore ministry opportunities on their own

Research and Train

Once you have volunteers then you may need to do some initial assessment which could include background checks or other requirements.  Next, train people how to do the ministry and then schedule them to serve.


Connect volunteers with their ministry team by giving them a personal online portal and mobile app so they can communicate with each other. Communicate with your leaders and ministry teams and manage the big picture with insightful reports and get feedback from leaders.

Experience the integrated church software suite
that will help you accomplish your goals