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We're probably just like you in that we love having conversations about cool new gadgets, the latest games with graphics that rock hard, and more serious things like how to increase performance by 5 more nanoseconds in a function. But make no mistake, our first love is seeing the Kingdom of God expand. And we dream of ways to leverage the most appropriate technology to do exactly that.  

But make no mistake, our first love is seeing the Kingdom of God expand.

We're sure the reason you came to this page is because you wanna know if Elexio and our system are legit. Because, the strength of a company that provides web-based systems REALLY matters.

So let's talk tech:
First you should know that our company started in 1984!  Yes, back in the days of chisel and hammer in the personal computing industry.  We've been going strong ever since.  We balance equally the demands of running a great business with the demands of creating great products, because we know how important it is to be there for our clients over the long haul.  So we now serve over 2,000 clients in all 50 United States and 33 other countries.  Most of our employees have a background in some form of information technology and worked for large corporations and/or churches.  So when you talk to us about the special IT needs of churches, we really do understand.  We volunteer on the IT ministry teams of our own personal churches.

So when you talk to us about the special IT needs of your church, we're with you. We volunteer our time on IT ministry teams of our own churches too!

Rest assured that your data is stored in a state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar, SAS Type II Compliant data center.  There is redundant power and internet connectivity.  The data center is staffed 365/24/7 and has armed security guards.  We own more than 30 high powered servers all connected over a fiber optic network, protected by enterprise grade firewalls.  We have many terabytes of storage capacity and successfully maintain a very high traffic load every day.  Your data is backed up every night and retained for at least a year to insure you never lose data.  In late 2012 we completely replaced ALL of our hardware with brand new incredibly powerful machines and turning many of our physical servers into virtual machines so that we can easily scale performance, do faster backups and recovery. 

Security is our number one priority so we use industry standard practices to ensure your data is safe.  For example, with our Church Management software we use SSL on all data sent over the internet.  We also encrypt sensitive data inside the database to prevent casual browsing of data by internal personnel.  All churches have their own database so if one church is compromised then hackers could not access other church's data.  We are PCI compliant for handling financial data.  We process millions of dollars of online transactions every year.

We developed our own CMS and ChMS system using ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL Server along with several other third party tools.  

We developed our own CMS and ChMS system using ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL Server.

We've made a huge investment in our Client Services department in order to provide one of the best Technical Support experiences you will find in any software company.  Our published hours of tech support are 9am to 5pm EST, but the truth is, our team works far more hours than that when it comes to taking care of our churches.   It's routine for us to help churches on Sunday morning when the check in system goes down or when helping our friends in Australia at 1am our time.  We also offer a client support center online where you can get help 24/7 through our extensive knowledgebase, user guides and video tutorials.

Have specific questions?  Just contact us.  We'd love to talk.

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