So if your job is to lead people to encounter the living God every week at your church and create an environment of worship, we understand what a huge challenge that is. 

Because our culture is saturated with excellent music, multimedia and entertainment and we can go sit in our living rooms and listen to studio quality audio and watch our high definition, large screen TVs, there is tremendous pressure and expectation on worship pastors to display a much higher production value using many of the creative arts than there used to be just a few years ago. 

You need great software that is integrated with your main church database.

This requires management of teams of people that run sound, lights, graphics, and cameras.  There are also musicians, vocalists, drama teams, and other artists to lead.  You may be responsible for ushers and greeters and other first impressions type ministries.   

While there are many great tools on the market to help you create great worship services, we understand that you need great software that is integrated with your main church database to help you manage teams of volunteers.  And yes, we know…it has to work on a Mac.

Making your services available via your website is also very important.

Communication is an enormous task for worship pastors.  You need a mobile app that can call, text, email, and geographically locate where your people live because you never know when you may have to reach them late Saturday night to solve a looming crisis coming Sunday morning.  ;-) You need tools to help you mass communicate to the church via email, letters and phone calls.  

We also understand that making your services available via your website is also very important.  You need to be able to share video and audio recordings of your services.  You may also want to attach sermon notes or discussion guides to go along with the recordings.  The whole process of uploading this content each week needs to be super simple so that even your grandmother can do it (or worse, even the senior pastor!).    

Experience the integrated church software suite
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