Community Connected

Before people even visit your church, they'll check you out online. You probably have a website, but how does it look? Can they even find your contact information, location, and service times?

Your website is what usually makes the first impression - that's why your website management is so important!

Here's what you can expect with Elexio's Website CMS - and don't miss out on our relevant designs!

Unlimited (Everything)

Data storage, pages, blogs, calendars - You name it, it has no cap or usage rates.

Google Analytics

Having a website is only half the challenge - you have to get your community there! Integration with Analytics is a great first step to insights to your site traffic.

Content Editor

What good is a site if it's too difficult to manage? Updating, adding blocks, and refreshing content and images - it's all easy enough to keep your staff engaged.

Responsive Design

With more people visiting your site on mobile than desktop, you've got to have a flexible site. We've got you covered with multiple designs.

Media Center

Intuitive design. Notes, Audio, and Video playback. One of the greatest connection points for your membership and community, at large.

Elexio's Website Design

Simple site management is the first step, but you also need a great design. Don't miss the chance to make an exceptional first impression with a relevant, dynamic site design.

Standard Canvases*
Included With Amp Vibe Purchase
  • Integrated with Amp Vibe
  • Alternate Color Themes
  • Custom Logo Areas
  • Designs for Different Ministries
Premier Canvases
Per Canvas
  • Includes All Standard Features
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Expanded Page Designs
  • Fresh Designs
Custom Canvases
Contact Sales: (888) 997-9947 #1
  • Expert Designer Consultation
  • Beautiful Design & Simple CMS
  • Web Industry Standards Utilized
  • Reflects Your Unique Culture

*Unlimited license to all current and future Lite versions of Elexio web designs

What can you expect with our Website Designs?

Custom Layouts - Template design meets custom flexibility. No longer restricted to page layouts, these designs* are made to be tweaked.

Responsively designed templates - Equality for the multi-platform viewing that makes up today's community.

Color/Font Flexible - Uniquely you means that you have your own look and feel. We give you that freedom and more.

*Central, Open, Journey and Refresh are the only current designs that contain this custom layout property.

Standard Canvases

Central Lite*
Open Lite*
Journey Lite*
Refresh Lite*
Mission Lite
Archer Lite
Billboard Lite
Candid Lite
Essence Lite
Walkway Lite

* Responsive designs

Premier Canvases

City Lights

* Responsive designs

Custom Canvases

America's Keswick
Calvary Baptist Simpsonville
Camp Cho-Yeh
First Baptist Church - Tyler
Life Bridge Community Church
First Presbyterian - Elkhart
The G Centre and i-Reach International
Westcoast Believers
Leadership Ministries Worldwide
Calvary Bible Church
Liberty Christian Fellowship