Amp Touch is an electronic church check-in system:

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  • NEW - Event management. Simplified check-in with retained data for follow-up communication. See more
  • Fast - a whole family can check in as little as 5 seconds
  • Secure - check in via fingerprint, bar code, or ID#
  • Easy - touch screen compatible interface
  • Customizable - make your check-in look amazing - use your custom backgrounds and event images that match your branding or choose from backgrounds and event images our designers include
  • Intuitive - works unattended (no staff needed - fully automated) and/or attended
  • Labor Saving - eliminates manual attendance data entry

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You should also know:

Integrated with the rest of the Amp Suite. our check-in systems for churches simplifies the nursery, children's church, kid's ministry, or even typical event's attendance process. Our child check-in system prints name tags for children (and volunteers) and security receipts for parents, while keeping a room registry that is easily retrieved for room checks.

Amp Touch can be used for any events where you need to manage registration, ticketing and church attendance tracking.  Use it for seminars, retreats, large conferences, adult classes, concerts and more. As one of the best systems available for its flexibility, security, speed, and appearance, this becomes a must-have for any growing church.

Have fresh ideas for the look and feel of each of your ministries? You can upload custom graphics to each check-in kiosk that gives that ministry its own identity.

We also provide complete check-in hardware packages with everything you need.