The Amp church software suite is unique...30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Amp is the ONLY church software that provides you with a website CMS solution AND a web based church management solution - integrated
  • With Amp you share ONE database
  • You don't need separate providers for your website, church data management, online giving, event registration, member portal, children's check in, or mobile app
  • Provides an experience and usability that is easy to understand
  • One support team for all products

Everyone has a story…maybe you have several software packages but they don't talk nicely to each other. Maybe your current software is clunky or doesn't meet all your needs. Maybe the company that made it is not very innovative or doesn't provide a great support experience for you.

Church leaders are faced with so many decisions on different kinds of technology that it can be confusing. Volunteers in your church tell you that they will build you the best software for "free". You see tons of software that performs specific tasks. What do you do? How many different sets of tools will your staff have to learn? How will these pieces of software share information? How many different places will you have to go for support? Arghh!

These are real problems for church leaders.

That's why Amp, our NEW Integrated Church Software Suite, came to life. Imagine having your website, management tools, mobile app, small group software, mass communication, donations, event registrations, check-in system and more all working together seamlessly as one. Finally, INTEGRATION. (it's ok to smile)

Elexio is positioned to meet your church's software needs long into the future.

It's important to know the long term vision of your church software partner. Read our story. Elexio is positioned to meet your church's software needs long into the future. We continually meet with church leaders like you to hear about your ministry needs. Then we leverage software, technology, and digital art to meet those needs The blurry lines between the back-end and front-end of software have been erased by Elexio. We are focused on innovating and developing church software for church leaders to integrate everything so it works seamlessly together. And support, well…there's no passing the buck. We support the whole suite so you just contact one place – Elexio. How convenient is that?

The Amp suite integrates your website, database, mobile app, check-in plus creative design and more. Everyone who interacts with your church software has ONE login. (It's okay, take a minute to catch your breath.) Yes, that means that you have a single sign-in, one username and one password will get you into all your church software. You're sitting down for this next one, right? Since Amp shares one database, when information is updated in any one place, it's up-to-date everywhere in the whole suite. Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, giving, event registrations, plus tons of other info. This saves your team a lot of time. FYI - You can start with one and add others later.

Catch the vision: whether you're updating your website, assigning tasks to other staff or a volunteer, sending a mass email to your membership, taking attendance for small groups, introducing online giving, using your mobile app to text someone, or doing event registration using touch screen kiosks – you're using one suite: Amp.

Amp sets the stage for integration that church leaders haven't even thought of yet. But we will…oh will we. Together.

There's a lot of integration for you to experience.
Where would you like to start?
Amp Vibe (website)
, Amp Fusion (database)
Amp Wave (mobile app), Amp Touch (check-in),
or creative design.