First of all, church leaders have asked us to keep pricing simple, so we have. You give us gold and we give you golden solutions and support. Oh, that's not what you meant. Well...we did make it easy.

There are no packages, tiers, or levels. It does not matter how many records you want to store in your database or how many people you have that want to use the software.

You can start with one Amp component or enjoy seamless integration, saving time, and unified support right away by getting the whole suite. Just pick 1, 2, or 3 of the Amp components and we'll include everything you need.

Amp Vibe (website)
Amp Fusion (database) – includes Amp Wave (mobile)
Amp Touch (check-in)

Your main pricing is based on:

  1. the average weekly attendance at your church
  2. the Amp components you pick - the more you bundle together the more you save

For example, an integrated website, database, and mobile bundle for a church of 125 to 1,000 ranges from $1,350 to $3,321 setup and $115 to $626 monthly.

Depending on what Amp components you select, you may have a few more options. If you include Amp Vibe, then you select the website design option that’s best for your church. If you include Amp Fusion, then you may select a data conversion option that saves you time. If you include Amp Touch, then you select the type of the check-in equipment you want.

Call one of our church software advisors at 888-997-9947 and tell them your selections. They will give you a customized quote for your church. It’s that simple.

Amp offers integration that you probably haven't seen. Check out the suite.