Church Database

Elexio's database serves as the heart of your church with its always-available, uniquely-integrated, easy-to-use ChMS.

Because your passion is to serve each person and household in your care, our church software was designed to assist with that same purpose in mind. You'll find the critical areas of automated follow-ups, assimilation tools, small groups, contribution, and events focusing on the individual or household. Software doesn't change people's lives, but it will eliminate the struggles of church management to allow you the opportunity to do just that.


Welcome to the industry's best database for ease-of-entry, demographic defining options, involvement tracking, discipleship management, and more.

A single screen enables the search, input, and management of the people that you serve. Not just a glorified Rolodex, this becomes the hub of your ministry activity where real disciple development happens.


Church databases should not be just a place to store information.

We see that data being used in combination with mass communication tools to assist with your discipleship process. Send targeted messages by way of mass email, mail, social networks, and our latest addition, texting.

Mobile and Online Access

Empower your church community with secure, web-based access to tools.

Through the online portal native to your website or the mobile app available to each member, you have a way for attendees to update personal information, search a directory, express interest in ministry involvement, register and pay for events, find a small group, access giving history, and begin the check-in process.


Encourage the discipleship process through attendee involvement.

Small groups, event attendance, and volunteer opportunities are all critical to the process. Utilize demographics, discipleship status, and attendance records from kiosk or mobile check-in to send targeted announcements of upcoming events and ministries to the right people at the right time.

Donor/Pledge Management

Right alongside involvement, giving is a signal of church health.

Churches need web-based tools to efficiently collect contributions while providing data that helps your church to make sound decisions based on reporting of developing trends. With online giving and access tools, no longer does the church office have to send statements and giving becomes as easy as using the church mobile app.

Event Management

Tired of clipboards with sign-up sheets, volunteer request phone calls, and managing walk-up registration, payment, and badges the day of the event?

We thought so! We've built an event management tool within our database that handles all of the above and more. Don't forget resource planning, publicity, and online registration. Yep, it's got that too! Learn more!

Reporting (Prepared & Custom)

One of the greatest challenges to any church database system is the way which you get information out in a manner that is suitable to your needs.

We hear ya! We've listened to thousands of churches give feedback on reports and built more than a few prepared reports that will work "out of the box". Then we give you easy Build-Your-Own tools to get exactly what you need if you can't find what you're looking for. If that's not enough, we allow you access to the raw data.