When Elexio partners with your church, Elexio's technology professionals become an extension of your church's technology staff.

Since our teams are made up of youth workers, church volunteers, former church staff, and pastors, we understand your needs. Even the way that each team is organized around you, our clients, speaks to our commitment to make sure we hear you, meet your needs and communicate with you clearly.

Our team specializes in what you're doing
and makes sure
you're successful.

Not only does your dedicated Elexio production team make sure your technology project gets up and going quickly but Elexio's support and development teams also make sure your technology project keeps going and functions well long after it's launched.

Whether you’re creating a new website or switching to Elexio's church management system we have people on our team that specialize in what you are doing and make sure you are successful.

Here are just a few of the tools we use to make sure your are successful:

Next Step Sessions

Next step sessions are informal virtual meetings tailored for you and led by your project manager. These sessions let you in on all the inside shortcuts to get your project up and rolling quickly, in your “next steps” you will receive a clear project completion schedule, as well as find out the best and most efficient way to communicate with us during your project.

Question & Answer Sessions

Ever wish you could sit down with someone and have multiple technology questions answered all at one time?

Ever wish you could sit down with someone and have multiple technology questions answered all at one time? That's exactly what Elexio's Q & A sessions provide. Once you pre-submit your questions you'll have the opportunity through a virtual meeting, to sit down and interact with one of Elexio's technology professionals.

These free unlimited sessions happen multiple times weekly, and although we limit the seating, to ensure you have the time to get the answers you need, there is no limit to the number of questions you can ask or how many times you attend Elexio's Q & A sessions.

Remote Access Sessions

Does this sound familiar? "I wish someone could just look at my computer and tell me how to fix my problem." or "I am having trouble putting into words what is happening on my computer, I wish someone could just look at my computer and fix my problem."

Elexio provides a remote session solution that addresses these issues. When merited and approved by you, through the use of a remote access session, one of Elexio's technology professionals can take control of your computer, quickly see and understand your problem and then if possible correct the issues you are facing.

Video Help

Elexio's video help is available to you 24/7. You will be able to train your staff any time.

Software systems usually have written help; however, most people learn better by watching and then trying it themselves. 60% of people are kinesthetic learners (they learn by trying it themselves). That’s why Elexio provides written help – but more importantly video help. Because Elexio's video help is available to you 24/7 so you will be able to train your staff any time you want, or refresh your memory on a task on something that you may have forgotten. 

Account Center

We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars developing an account center that includes a support request system that stores all your interactions with us in one central place.

If you have an uncommon question, then you submit a support request. Monday through Friday 9-5pm a person on our staff personally directs your request to the person on our client service team that is the best suited to help you. Our entire team of staff members use the account center to respond to you and all the interaction is stored on your account. The next time you need help, our staff has your account history at their fingertips.

Clients can login for support at http://account.elexio.com.